Damian  Aimers

Damian Aimers

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First Name * Damian
Last Name * Aimers
Username * Matasorapit
Country * New Zealand
City Palmerston North
Nationality New Zealand European - Maori
Languages English



I failed art in high school and also failed mathematics. Maybe if my art teachers had of seen the drawings I did in my mathematics books I would have at least past art!

I was never the academic type. I was a dreamer, I still am. One thing I love about art is the escape. While painting, sculpting or creating in 3d I can focus my attention to dreaming and be rewarded for it.

I can act like a kid, pulling faces in the mirror to get the expressions I need. I can walk around my house like an idiot with my pants pulled right up high. I can slouch, take ridiculously long steps and even crawl on all fours all in the name of creation. In order to create a character I need to feel like that character! I need to become that character! Well that’s my excuse I use when I look totally stupid.

I started drawing cartoons as a kid, before moving onto street graffiti and then to hand painted photorealistic portraits. My ability to create objects in an artistic manner was my biggest escape from the world. I do not feel that artistic talent exists but rather talent should be renamed ‘patients’. Not a thing comes easy; it only comes with intelligence and patience.

My latest artistic endeavour is the one I am currently on. 3D!
As an artist I have done more that I thought I ever would. I have paintings and sculptures around the world. I have had my design works published on websites, marketing campaigns and even magazine covers. All this and my journey is still beginning.

The main thing I can say about me is that I am only doing what I have been influenced to do. Many of the world’s artists, from all eras and all mediums, influence me daily. I love this work as I am part of a team, a team that includes you!

Thanks to everyone,



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